Cobalt Media Forensics

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Cobalt Media Forensics is a full service digital forensics company owned and operated in Baton Rouge Louisiana.

We offer complete digital and analog services encompassing all aspects of media using cutting edge software and hardware, as well as a multitude of operating systems.

Because not all media is digital, we maintain the best of analog equipment and hardware to precisely duplicate and or enhance any recorded media no matter what type of recording method was used.


Cobalt Media Forensics can enhance any type of recorded video, still images, or audio.

Cobalt Media Forensics technicians follow strict protocol chains. This ensures that media is not altered during duplication, examination, enhacement, or any such manipulation.

If the media is to be used simply to identify an employee or object, and not to be used in court, we employ our vast library of custom plugins and filters to verify the necessary facts.

Media forensics has been widely used in law enforcement and government sectors for years. Today however, businesses all over the world are beginning to see the necessity for this type of forensic expertise to fight the possible release or compromise of sensitive information.

Cobalt Media Forensics helps businesses protect proprietary information as well as assist in identifying cyber offenders.